Friday, April 4, 2014

Isabella de Borchgrave: Paper clothing

A couple of months ago I went to an art exhibit at the Bellevue Arts Museum in Bellevue, WA . I wanted to see the work of Isabella de Borchgrave.

She is an artist who transforms paper into clothing. She was formally trained in painting and drawing at the Centre des Arts Decoratifs and the Royal Academy of Fine arts in Brussels. She has produced four major collections in the last twenty years.

She starts with a number of papers, white pattern paper, craft paper, and some tissues. She then paints it, crumples it, tears it, and glues it. Every year she uses over 2.5 miles of paper. She and her assistants have a library of over 4,000 books which they use to extensively research each project.

 I think I've found my dream job!

If you ever see a show of hers come through your area it's definitely worth seeing. 

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