Saturday, April 12, 2014

Craft: Easter Bunny Table Runner

I needed a runner for my Easter table, this is what I came up with.

Hare by Durer
1) I found a picture of a rabbit I liked and I printed it.

Then I collected the supplies I'd need: 
Some transfer paper
Iron and wooden board
Ink jet printer
Some muslin the size you'd like to make your runner.
Trim enough to go around your runner.
Silk flowers
Either a print out of the bonnets I did or decorative paper.
Glue stick 
Fabric glue

Transfer Paper
2) Then I made some bonnets that would fit my rabbit.

Easter Bonnets

3) I placed each bonnet on my rabbits head and photo copied it 
onto the transfer paper. Following the transfer paper instructions 
I ironed it onto my muslin.

Easter Bunnies with Bonnets

4) I laid out two trims in order to see which would work best.

 Easter Bunny Runner

5) Then I played around with different embellishments and decided on silk flowers.

Easter Bunny Runner

6) I stitched on my chosen trim.

Bunnies in Bonnets

7) I added the silk flowers with a little fabric glue.

Bunnies in Bonnets

Now I'm ready for Easter Dinner.

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