Monday, January 13, 2014

Craft: Needle Point Pillow

                           As Part of my "Mending a Broken Heart Series" I'm adding this project.

When one of your older family members die there are usually a couple of needle point art pieces left behind. Each needle point has many hours of loving work in it. They are usually in frames and look out dated on the wall and often get disregarded. Here is a wonderful way to reincorporate them into your home.

Needle Point Pillow

Supplies you'll need:
Needle point
Fabric for front and back
Access to a sewing machine 


1) Start by taking your needle point piece out of it's frame.
Hand wash it in cold water, lay it flat to dry.

2) Find fabrics that add to the needle point design I choose a fabric that looks
 like logs to enhance my pillows outdoor theme.

Craft: Needle Point Pillow

3) I cut strips five inches thick you may find a different width better for your design.

Craft: Needle Point Pillow

4) I cut four strips to make a frame around my piece two smaller ones for each side.
I left a half inch seam allowance along all the edges.

Craft: Needle Point Pillow

5) Then I sewed the top and bottom pieces on only sewing to the seam allowance point. (A half inch away from the edge of the needle point.) Also, leave  enough over hang to attach the sides.

Craft: Needle Point Pillow

6) Now, I attached the sides only sewing to the seam allowance point. See above.

Craft: Needle Point Pillow

7) At each corner pull the two strips so that they line up and stitch them together.

Craft: Needle Point Pillow
8) Press your seams down. Then lay your finished front onto your chosen back fabric. Then cut your back fabric the same size as your front. 

9) Place right sides together and sew leaving a hole for stuffing. 

 Craft: Needle Point Pillow

10) Now stuff your pillow. 

 Craft: Needle Point Pillow

I did not stuff mine because I plan on mailing it. 


  1. My grandmother did needlepoint. Her's were with heavier yarn. I have chairs with needlepoint seats that she did. But i have several finished ones that have never been used. They are in a drawer waiting for a purpose. She also did many cross stitch table cloths. Every time I use one I think of her sitting on the sofa in our den (Grandma and Grandpa lived with us at the end) doing her needlework. - Margy

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful memory.


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