Sunday, November 3, 2013

Craft: Salt and Pepper Tassels

              Make these fun tassels out of salt and pepper shakers.

Supplies you’ll need:
A salt or pepper shaker
1/8” ribbon 12 inches long
One foot of fringe
Weldbond glue or hot glue
Needle and thread

 1) Fold a foot of ribbon in half and thread the first half of the ribbon through one of the holes at the top of the salt shaker then thread it out the bottom.

 2) Then take the other half of the ribbon and thread it through another hole and again out the bottom.

3) Tie both ends together below the salt shaker.

4) Then pull the folded part of the ribbon left on the top of the salt shaker up. (to make the hanging loop).

 5) Then roll your fringe into a tassel and stitch to secure the roll together.

6) Glue the tassel to the bottom of you salt shaker and you’re done.

 These make great gifts. Single salt or pepper shakers are very inexpensive.


  1. Our thrift store always has lots of single and pairs of salt and pepper shakers. Cute idea. - Margy

  2. Thanks they're so easy to make and would be fun gifts.


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