Sunday, November 10, 2013

Craft: Decorating Note Books

I’m going to do a series of Fun and Easy Christmas gifts you can make with or without your kids.

Tote bags
Comic Book Stationary
Painted Candles
Paper Dolls

This week it is Notebooks anyone male or female can use a notebook be sure to customize it with images they like. For example: race cars, bikes, flowers, fashion.

Supplies you’ll need:
Composition Book
Glue stick
Images from: magazines, old books, or newspapers.
Ribbons, etc.
White glue

1) Tear or cut out images that you want to use.

2) Then arrange them near or on your book in order to make sure your colors work together. You will know this by how you feel when you look at them together.   If one of the colors jumps out at you or you don’t like one of the items you've picked take it out.

3) I like to do an under layer first. Then build up my design.

 Another way is to layer one image over another working your way down the book cover.

This one was made by my Mom 

4) Lastly use the white glue and add any thicker trims.
                                                              And these two by my nieces.

5) Let dry thoroughly.

I used a black felt pen to make the frame. 

6) Do the same process on the back or not.   It’s up to you.


  1. You make so many clever and beautiful things. - Margy

  2. Thank you Margy. How is your Powell River Blog going?


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