Monday, November 25, 2013

Craft: DIY Tote Bag Gift Idea

This is another usable easy and fun gift to make.

DIY Gift Idea

The Supplies you'll need:
A tote bag ( I bought ours at Joanne's but you can buy them at any hobby store.)
Fabric markers
Mark be gone pen
Pental Gel Roller for Fabric Pen in black
Drawing to trace

DIY: Tote Bag Gift Idea

I did this project with my niece who is twelve. The bag above I made by tracing a drawing on to the bag and my niece made the bag below free hand. 
DIY: Tote Bag Gift Idea

My niece made this bag by
 1) Cutting out an anchor pattern she drew on a piece of scrap paper. 
2) She then traced around the anchor with a Mark be Gone pen. (Which is a pen that when you wipe the ink  with water it disappears.) 
3) She then filled in her design with the fabric markers. 
4) Then she wiped the B Gone Pen away.
4)  She finished her piece by adding the waves at the top. 

DIY: Tote Bag Gift Idea

The way I traced my drawing on to my bag was:
1) I started with a very dark sketch. I took this sketch and placed it inside my bag placing it where I wanted  the design to be, I taped it into place. 
2) Then I taped it to my window during the day. Now I could see my design through the fabric.
3) I used the Pental Gel Roller For Fabric pen and drew on my design. ( I used this kind of pen because it has a thin precise line.)
4) After my drawing was complete I colored it in with the fabric pens.

DIY: Tote Bag Gift Idea

 This a fun project because you can make it with any design you know the person receiving the gift will like.

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