Friday, September 13, 2013

Making Lavender Potpourri’s

Making Lavender Potpourri’s 
Supplies you’ll need:

 A scrap of  fabric
Bowl or plate to trace around about 5 ½” across
Needle and thread
Lavender about a ¼ cup for each potpourri
Decorating items : I used ribbon and flowers..

Step one

1) Trace a circle on the back side of your scrap fabric
Step two

2) Now knot thread and stitch a long running stitch a ¼” from the edge leaving the thread and needle attached.
Step 3

3) Place the lavender on the inside in middle of the stitching.

Step Four

4) Then pull the needle so the thread gathers the fabric around the lavender.

Step Five

5) Now stitch the gathered opening closed by stitching several stitches through the gathered fabric in different directions and knot.

Step Six

6) At this point you can either sew on your decorations or use a hot glue gun.

Finished Potpourri


  1. I love these little sachets and covet the two that you gave to me! A wonderful and simple gift idea.


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