Friday, September 27, 2013

Blueberry picking and the changing times

I have different news sources emailing me articles all the time. I enjoy seeing what’s going on in the cyber and real world which often feel very different to me. Even with my blog and website I find it hard to organize the two worlds in my mind.

I believe something is getting lost somewhere in the middle and this headline from Digg kind of brought it to a head for me.

What's the point of taking a vacation if you can't show it off? With Picturelife you'll

This is an ad for the website above but it got me thinking. Is life now all about the photo opp or do we share on the web to make people jealous of our lives?

The stand where you pay is on the honor system 

 I recently took a very nice family from out of town to a blueberry farm that I've gone to for years with my boys. They were excited to see it.  Pictures were taken right as we entered the field in all kinds of wonderful poses. A few blueberries were picked and then they were off to the next part of the plan. 

 Blueberry bushes

 I thought about it as one of the girls was still with me in the field and we picked and talked for awhile. She was very young but she picked and talked just like my boys used to do. It was a sweet calm time for maybe 20 minutes until we had to join the others.

Blueberry bushes 

 My boys, my Mom and I used to go late in the day to these same blueberry fields when the air was a bit cooler and the sun was low in the sky.  We’d pick for hours until we could no longer see the berries. When we left we’d have enough berries for several pies, bowls to eat and some to freeze.

Blueberry bushes

More important than our blueberry haul was the time we spent talking and laughing about so many different subjects. We have picked berries every year since my boys were in Kindergarten. We never missed a year sometimes going two or three times a season. 

Blueberry Field

Now that they are both in college and away from home it’s not very easy to get to the field but sometimes everyone is home during blueberry season and we still go out to the fields because to all of us it’s a treasured time. And the funny thing is there are no photos of us out in the fields but in my mind and theirs the precious evenings will always make us smile and have been one of the wonderful links that have bonded us together in life.

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  1. I've always felt the best pictures are the ones we take with our mind. Recall and dreams bring them back easier than searching a hard drive. We love blueberries, but have never gone out to pick them ourselves. I found some wild blueberry bushes about half an hour ATV ride from our cabin. Now all I have to do is convince Wayne to return when they are ripe. When we were there the pucker factor was still a bit too high. - Margy


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