Friday, August 23, 2013

Marrowstone Music Festival 2013 Music in My Garden

For the last two years I’ve hosted in my garden musicians from the Marrowstone Music camp. What a great experience it has been. The students come from all over the country and learn from leading professional musicians in a two week intensive performance and study session.
 The students are wonderful musicians. They are also kind and so polite it’s truly a pleasure to host them.
A Musical Bouquet
This year I thought it would be fun to add a few musical details in honor of how hard they work.

I decided to use all white hydrangeas and white table cloths (to represent the paper music is written on) and then I added notes cut from black paper to the bouquets.

A Musical Tea Party

Other details were in the cookies I made fudge shaped as whole notes and cookies shaped as different notes and then I placed them on paper with five lines across it so it would look like a musical score.

Music in the Garden

                   On iced sugar cookies I used food coloring pens and drew musical notes on them.

Musical Cookies
I set the tables with tea cut and plates. Then wait for my guests to arrive.

A Musical Tea
Photo by Polly Miller Tisdall

Music in the Garden
The weather was perfect warm and a little cloudy the fragrance of flowers accented the atmosphere.

Marrowstone Music Festival 2013 In The Garden
The house and yard filled with young musicians bring with them the excitement of a performance.


Guests were seated everywhere on the porch and in the garden.  I even ran out of chairs so I threw blankets on the ground.

Marrowstone Music Festival in the Garden
Photo by Polly Miller Tisdall

  Marrowstone Musical Festival 2013 In My Garden
Photo by Polly Miller Tisdall 

Beautiful music began to fill the air as musicians began to stroll through the garden. Then each subsequent performance was placed in a different area and enhanced the one before it.

Marrowstone Music Festival in the Garden
Photo by Leslie Katz

              Cookies filled the plates and smiles were found on every face making for a great memory.

                                            Marrowstone Musical Festival 2013 In My Garden

                           To learn more about the camp or Festival click on the link below.                    

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