Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Make a Quick and Easy Balloon Arbor

The sweet young couple next door were getting married so my neighbor Mary Marie, my Mom and I decided to make a fun entry for them when they came home and this is what we came up with. It's not perfect but it's sweet.

    We started with a piece of ribbon staked to the ground. Then we tied each balloon separately to it.

                We cut out hearts and wrote loving words on them then we tied them to the string.

We curled the excess ribbon. Then we moved to their yard,
and put in tall stakes because it was a windy day
 and we didn't want the balloons to hit the ground and pop.  

Buy extra balloons because I popped a few which left me a bit short. 
I wanted the arbor to look a little fuller.

                                                We tied the strings to the top of the stakes.
We decorated the stakes with white and pink tissue flowers.
We made these by cutting out circles stapling several of  them together in the middle then pulling them up and molding them to look like flowers.

                     The finished project was cheerful and welcoming and we had fun doing it.

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