Sunday, May 5, 2013

Did You Notice?

Do we really take the time to notice what’s around us or do we sometimes see what we expect to see and don't give it a second thought?  I think that I’m a rather observant person. When I have time I walk rather slowly and take my time to enjoy where I’m going. My friends call it moseying and get frustrated with me because they’re usually trying to get some exercise.

On this day I was walking with my son who was showing me around his college. I saw some caution tape out of my right eye.  I wondered why it was there as it didn't seem to have much purpose and on I walked.

On the way back my son said,  “Did you notice what the caution tape says?” “No I didn't.”  “Look closely," he said. After taking a closer look I saw  the word "lovely" written over and over down the tape.

All I can wonder is how many other things do I miss everyday? It gives you something to think about.  

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