Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Fun and Easy Seaside Craft for Adults or Kids

Here’s a fun project you can do with the whole family. If you make enough of these they could become a fun screen.

You’ll need:
Beads with a large enough hole so that an embroidery needle can get through it. (I used 18 beads from an old necklace.)
Downloads of my fish patterns (shrink or enlarge to get a look you like)
Six feet of embroidery thread
Embroidery needle
A black Sharpie
Water colors
Water color paper
Paint brush

Download these:

Step one:
Trace my fish patterns onto water color paper (you can use a window as a light table)

 Step two:
Paint fish on both sides with water color paint.

 Step Three:
After your fish have dried draw over lines with black Sharpie.

Step Four:
Poke holes with the embroidery needle at the top in the middle of the fish and then poke another hole at the bottom middle of the fish.

Step Five:
Tie a knot where you want the first bead to be placed.Then with a threaded needle go through your first bead. Now make another knot to hold the bead in place. Repeat this step for the next two beads.

Step Six:
 Next string the fish on by tying a knot in the thread an inch or so farther down the string. Now slide the fish on so that the knot is against the front of the fish. Then wrap the thread behind the fish and pull it through the front. Tie a knot again on the front to hold the fish in place.

Step Seven:
 Repeat steps five and six until your project is complete.

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