Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tea With LaVera (Why the name?)

 The name for my blog developed years ago when I started having tea each day with my two boys when they returned home from elementary school. The three of us, and my husband if he was home, used tea time as a way to talk about our days. I’d make fresh cookies, sliced fruit, and tea or juice. It didn’t really matter what I served, what really mattered was the tradition and our time together. We’d sit at the kitchen table warmed by sweet smelling cookies baking in the oven surrounded by our strawberry wall paper and fairytale rug sharing our worries, experiences, and most importantly things that make us happy.

As the years passed our tea tradition grew and changed. My kid’s friends would join us when they came over to play, family was always invited, and soon the mothers, too, would join us. I started volunteering as an art teacher every Friday in my kid’s classrooms so Friday became a giant tea with lots of their classmates, parent volunteers and sometimes a teacher or two.

As my kids grew older our teas changed yet again. In middle school adults and kids would show up separately but we’d still all sit around the table together. We had all ages, girls and boys, sisters and brothers, moms and friends. Some days our teas would last until dinner and others just an hour. What was constant, however, was that we would talk and laugh together.

When my boys started high school I thought the tradition would surely end. But no, the boys would arrive home with car loads of very large and hungry boys. Even on rare occasion they would bring girls with them! The girls always seemed a bit surprised but soon they would be joining in sharing their days like we had since elementary school.

Now my boys are off at college. They are still great communicators and can sit with anyone and talk for hours. It has made them both very successful at interviews and in front of crowds. So much of the art of conversation has been lost in this computer based generation. They have also learned to be present in the moment, not always in a rush. A gift many of us take a lifetime to learn.

I really look forward to the teas I have with my boys when they come home from college. I still have teas with my friends even with my boys at college; it has become a tradition I am truly thankful for.

Teatime for me is a time to be with others and share our worlds. This sharing is what I’m trying to cultivate with my blog and website. I love to find beautiful, interesting, inspiring, and funny things to share. I also love to make and teach arts and crafts. I hope you will enjoy what I have to present and will share some of your life through your comments on my blog.

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