Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mother's Day Banner Craft

     Do you have more time then money? Here’s a fun Mother’s Day gift you can make for just pennies.
Mother's Day Banner Craft 

Supplies you’ll need:
Two pieces of card stock in your chosen color (I used cream) printed with my templates.If you print out my templates you don't need stamps.
Sheets of old music or newspaper (I used old music)
Glue stick
Soft twine
A large needle so twine can fit though it.

1) Cut templates out you’ll need                           
Two M’s
One O
Two hearts
Five backs
And one of each of the pattern pieces.

2) Cut out as many petals as you need.  I used 16 to 18 for each flower.
3) Fold a small pleat into the bottom of each petal to give them some dimension then glue each petal into place. Repeat for each flower.
4) Then glue backs on to secure petals and make your banner look nicer from the back.
5) Now stitch through each flower and secure in place with knots in the back, make sure the distance is the same between each flower.
6) Now trace around the tiny flower patterns and cut out as many tiny flowers as you’d like to use.  (You can extend your banner as long as you’d like just by adding more tiny flowers.)
7) Glue tiny flowers together in any combination you’d like and curl up the petals a bit so the look 3D.
8) Thread each flower onto your twine and knot into place see photo for example.
9) Knot end of twine so it won’t unravel.


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