Sunday, April 21, 2013

Make this Quick and Easy Craft for a Fun Mother's Day Gift

My Mom loves to read so I thought it would be fun to make her some book marks for Mother’s day. She loves Non Fiction and History. So I decided to make book marks that look like they walked out of the pages of the books she reads.
Marie Antoinette and Friend Book Mark Craft

Marie Antoinette Book Mark Craft

You can use any theme from animals to characters from a novel. To find your figures just Google the subject of your book and look through the images then print the ones you like on matte premium photo paper. It’s thicker and will take glue. (I used white glue) 

If it fits your subject embellish the top of your book mark with glitter, rhinestones or pearls.

 If these embellishments don’t work for your subject try using felt pens, colored pencils or ribbon. With these book marks you’re sure to get a smile every time she opens her book.

                                                          Happy Mother's Day!

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