Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Making a Cabinet from a Window

I like to find neat old things like this tiny window and make them usable again. This is how I made this cabinet.

1) I measured the window and then made a box that would fit perfectly behind it. To make the box you will need to cut a piece of plywood the exact size of the window.
2) Then cut two 1" X 4" boards the width of your plywood.
3)  Then two more pieces the length of the plywood minus the width of the other two boards.
4) Screw the frame together.
5) Now screw the frame to the plywood.
6) Paint what you've done.

7) Glue some fabric on the back. Be careful or the glue will bleed through your fabric like mine did but I liked it because it made my piece look older. You could also use a beautiful paper.
8) Now measure your shelf to fit inside and screw it in place.
10)You'll attach the window by hinges to the back following the instructions on the package.
11) I found paper mache flowers at an estate sale that I used to decorate the top and sides.  I glued them on and then painted then painted the flowers and the window frame.  I used a semi-gloss latex paint.

13) Add a door knob.
14) Add a latch to hold it closed and your done.

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