Monday, November 26, 2012

Make a beautiful Ornament

  Supplies you'll need:
Clear glass ornament
Photo copy of clip art cut out
Welbond Glue
Acrylic paint to match glitter
Decorative yarn or ribbon 

1) Pick which clip art you'd like to use and cut it out, then cover the front of the image with Weldbond glue . I use Weldbond because I've tested it and it works on glass surfaces and dries clear (if you have another glue that works this way you can use it, and let me know in the comment area I love learning about different glues)

2) Take the glass ornament and place the image on to the back then rub the back of the image until it is smooth.

3) Now take the sequins and dip the the fonts of them in glue and stick them on the back and check on your spacing as you go. (Spacing should be visually pleasing)

4) Let dry. You'll know it's dry when you can see your image and sequins clearly from the front.

5) Now spread glue over the entire back, try to keep a smooth glue line along the middle of your ornament. Sprinkle with glitter until the entire back is covered. Let dry. Shake off excess.

6) Paint over your glitter with Acrylic paint, this will seal in your glitter and give a nice finished back. Then finish the side glue seam with a nice ribbon or yarn.

7)  Also use them to tie to on top of your ornament to add more interest cut them at different lengths and let them hang below your ornament on the sides.

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