Monday, August 13, 2012

The Lynden Fair

               Today Lily the Cake was entered into “The Lynden Fair” cake baking contest.

                                                She put on her best dress and headed out.


                                                 On the way she stopped to see a cow.

Then, while walking down the road Lily got a whiff of some wonderful fair food. She decided to eat something before having to stand still for a week.

Just before checking in she noticed some beautiful flowers and took the chance to get her photo taken.

                                 Now she’s there for all to see in her beautiful flower dress.

                                                                  See you at the Fair.


  1. This is so fabulous, Lavera. It's the most amazing of your "cake creations" to date! I think she should go see the pigs and horses and everything else before leaving the Fair!

    1. Thanks I think your right she'd like the pigs and horses. Today I got a sweet call from a friend that was out at the Fair telling me Lily the cake won first place. I guess she picked the right dress.


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