Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Fun Gift Basket Cheap and Easy

Do you have that person in your family who has everything,
so no matter what you get them it never feels right?
Here's an idea that even someone who has
everything, and who can afford everything, would love
and it won't break your wallet.

First, go to a second hand shop like Goodwill and pick out a basket.
They always have plenty of baskets.
Make sure to pick something with character.
Second, head over to a garden shop and pick up a few plants.
Third, line your basket with some plastic and then fill it with the plants.
Keep in mind that you might need some extra dirt.
Water your new flower basket and you've got the perfect gift!
With a little extra thought you can make your basket with a theme.
Maybe strawberries and violas
several herbs,
possibly succulents.

It's a fun project and gift. It also works for a perfect in-home herb garden!

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