Monday, December 8, 2014

DIY Dome Cover out of a Wine Glass

 I saw these at a Christmas Show and I thought they'd be fun to make. 

DIY dome cover out of a wine glass
     These domes are super simple to make and will be fun to decorate with. 

Supplies you'll need: 
1) wine glass 
2) PC-Marine Putty
3) a button or an old earring
4) Weldbond glue 
5) a string of beads
          6) something to clip the stem with

Step one is to clip off stem of wine glass as close to the cup as possible.

 Step two sand it down a bit where you clipped it.
(I just rubbed the clipped area along a cement wall it worked well.)

Step three take the putty and make it into a ball.
Then mold it onto the top of the cut stem, before it dries secure your button.  

DIY dome cover out of a wine glass

Step Four once the putty is dry, paint the Weldbond glue 

                                    over the putty then wrap beads around the putty to hide it.

Step Five for the final touch I cut out a red piece of red paper and placed it under the dome 
then I added a fun elf.

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