Monday, December 15, 2014

Anthropologie's Christmas Windows

I love Christmas window's. 
Some of my favorites are always Anthropologie's.
This year was no exception.

Anthropologie's Christmas Windows 2014
 The leaves were silk. 
The pines cones were made of paper then spray painted copper. 
The small birds were out of crepe paper. 

Anthropologie's Christmas Windows 2014

Anthropologie's Christmas Windows 2014

Anthropologie's Christmas Windows 2014
 The designers used crepe paper to make these beautiful swans. Amazing. 

Anthropologie's Christmas display 2014

I thought these were great gingerbread houses. They were made out of cardboard and painted with white puff paint then before the paint dried they sprinkled it with clear glitter. It had a wonderful effect.


  1. The swan is amazing. I remember when I was a kid we always went to see the May Co sore window. they took two huge display windows and turned them into active Christmas scenes. It was a highlight of the season. - Margy

    1. Christmas windows have always been the highlight of the season for me too. They are always so creative and cheerful.


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