Monday, May 12, 2014

Tea in HoChin Minh City formally Saigon, Vietnam

Today I ducked into a coffee shop in Ho Chi Minh City formally known as Saigon. I am escaping the exhausting midday heat it was 103F. 

I have a cup of sweet jasmine tea sitting in front of me.  Its scent is filling the air around me.  I'm watching a man through the window of this small quaint cafe

He is sitting on his moped which he has driven up on the sidewalk as if he is at a fast food drive in window. He is buying a basket from a lady in a traditional Vietnamese cone shaped hat. She has so many baskets tied onto her bicycle that you can barely make it out. He is examining each basket very carefully. 

The traffic behind them is whizzing by. It’s full of taxis and even more mopeds. Its fun watching the mopeds go by because people are dressed in their everyday clothes:  everything from short dresses and heels to construction workers carrying ladders. This is a true human parade, which gives me a tiny look into their lives.

                                                These are the simple moments I travel for.

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