Monday, January 28, 2013

Make A Funny Bookmark

Old Lady Bookmark

First gather the supplies:
Chickpeas for the heads
cardboard from the back of a old note pad 
A small black and pink felt pen 
And a woven ribbon about 7 inches long 
This ribbon was found at an estate sale 
Interesting ribbons can be found at paper stores and fabric stores.
Fabric Glue or Weldbond Glue
A cute trim for under the neck or just tie a bow with small ribbon.
                                                        1) Cut the cardboard as shown above.
2) Then look at your chickpea and find the nose and draw a little pink circle under the nose.
 Now draw another about an 1/8 of an inch lower down for the mouth. Then draw the eyes on the sides in black and glue your head to the cardboard. (Note how the mouth is facing upwards.)                                                                        
                  3) Glue the cardboard with the head on it to the top of the ribbon about an 1/8" down.
                                          4) Now fold over both corners to hide the cardboard.
                                5) Take the excess at the top of the ribbon and with glue on your fingers
                                                                twist it into little horns.
                                                 6) Add a little trim detail under the chin.
                                    7)  Finish by pulling some threads from the bottom in order to make a nice
                                                          fringe or cut with a pinking shear.


  1. Very cool, and very clever! winter will do that to a person, won't it!


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