Friday, January 11, 2013

How Do You Count A Lifetime

Seasons of Love, a song from the Broadway show Rent, is one of my favorite songs. I think of it often because the theme in the song is “how do you count a lifetime?”  Is it by sunsets or by cups of coffee or is it by love.

How do you count a life time? What do you value?

For me its:
Hugs and kisses
I love yous
Special moments with friends, family, and strangers

I’m sure we all have a similar list. I think the truth comes into our lives when we make our choices, how much effort we put into making these moments happen, how well we live these moments when they arrive. How often do we step back and reanalyze our lives to make sure we are living the life we want and not the one that just seems to develop?

 Life moves so fast and gets so full that sometimes we just forget to take the time to stop and see what we can remove in order to make more time for what we want, to just be present with the ones we love. I’m always thankful when something wakes me up and makes me once again take notice so I can reevaluate. A New Year for me is one of these times.

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