Monday, October 15, 2012

Making Apple Crisp

I have this great old "Joy of Cooking" book edition 1943. I love this cookbook because they didn't worry about all the diet restrictions, they only worried about how things tasted. Also the language they use is so relaxed you feel like the cook herself is talking to you.

Each fall I make and freeze pies, fruits, and berries. Now that my kids have gone off to college I have had to rethink this process because we don't need as much and when we do eat these things they have to be in smaller serving sizes.

In my "Joy of Cooking" book there is a great tasting Apple Crisp or Paradise recipe; this is the one I use.

When I plan to freeze the ingredients I do the following:  I divide this recipe into three packets.   I put the apples into three freezer bags.    Next I put the  topping into three sandwich bags.  Then I place a bag of topping  in each apple filled freezer bag and write on the outside of  the bag the temperature and cook time.

In the winter all I have to do is layout the frozen apples in a small casserole dish and break up the fast melting crumb mixture, spread it on top of the apples and bake. It's great to have a hot fresh dessert that fast. 

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