Monday, October 8, 2012

How to Dry Hydrangeas

The ideal time to cut hydrangea blossoms for drying is the end of the season, August through October, when the larger petals are starting to fade or change color. 

 Cut each flower so that the stem length is about of 12” and remove the leaves. Then place the freshly cut flowers in a vase with fresh water. Make sure the stems are at least half covered with water. Keep the vase in a cool spot and out of direct sunlight. Let the water evaporate out of the vase, do not add more water.

 Once the water is totally evaporated, your hydrangeas should feel dry to the touch and ready to use.

Another technique is to simply hang your hydrangea blossoms upside down by their stems and let them air dry. Air dried hydrangeas tend to be a bit more brittle than water dried blossoms, but are still beautiful.

         Your dry hydrangeas will last for about 1 year, after that, they’re colors will start to fade.

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