Saturday, May 19, 2012

How to cover Dining Room Chair seats

So I went out looking for some cheap but interesting dining room chairs, I was really lucky I found one at the goodwill for $5.99 and one at the Salvation army for 4.99 (because it was 75% off day)

When looking for chairs the most important thing is that they are sturdy. No one likes sitting in a chair that rocks back and forth! You can fix any blemishes with a little paint and the seats are easy to re-cushion.

Both the seats of my chairs were in real need of repair. Here is how I repaired them.

1) Remove the seats by turning the chair over and unscrewing the screws located in the triangle supports on the four corners.

On this chair the seat cushion was still in good shape and so was the wood under the cushion. So I'm going to use it. The second chair is a different story; I had to go out and buy some high density foam. (Two inches thick) I bought it at Joanne's Fabric. I had to cut a new wood seat. I used a piece of plywood I already had.

2) To get the shape I just laid the old seat on top of the plywood and traced around it, then I put it on the chair to make sure it lined up and trimmed the places that didn't. ( it doesn't have to be perfect the cushion hides a lot.)

3) Next I took the wood I cut out and used it as a pattern to trace on my foam.

4) Then I cut out the foam. I used scissors. I have found if you have an electric carving knife they work better. (I'm still looking for one at garage sales.)

5) Use the old seat covers as patterns for your new seat covers. Cut out your new fabric.

6) Lay your fabric facedown on the ground and then place your foam on top of the fabric and then your plywood on top of your foam. Now staple the fabric to the back then pull it tightly towards the front and staple it there. I sat on the board as I did this so the foam pressed down and I got a tighter fit.

7) The corners are a little tricky. You have to pull and shape them at the same time. It takes a lot of staples and check a few times by looking at the front to make sure your making a smooth corner. It won't be perfect so don't obsess  :-o

8) Hammer down any staples that didn't go all the way in.

9) Flip over your chair and replace your screws where you took them out.

Here's the before and after.

I used some acrylic paint (Burnt Umber matched this wood) to touch up some of the dents and dings.

Have a great day!

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