Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Coyote Art Spring Sale

Saturday I spent the day at the Coyote Art Sale down in Seattle. The sale is to raise money in order to help give low income children a chance to do art. It’s usually a very busy sale, but this year it was very slow possibly due to the economy. The weather was outstanding. It was one of the first beautiful days this spring.
                                                                      My Booth

It was still a wonderful day, so much enjoyable art to look at and fun artists to spend time with.

I took pictures of some of the artists work to share with you. I’m including their websites in case your interested.                                     
                                                                  Ann Poulson

                                                                   Liz Gamberg
                                                               Joyce Halldorson

                                                                  Laurie Conklin

                                                                        Sue Zell

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