Monday, January 18, 2016

A Thankful Tree For Christmas

A Thankful Tree For Christmas

I have to admit I have avoided writing any blogs lately I have felt very sad this holiday season.  It was the first year without my ex husband and no matter how right you may know your decision was for your life, it still hurts deeply. The pain sneaks up on you and feels like a knife has just entered your chest. I needed to sneak  away to cry several times when my family was all gathered here. It took a lot of strength to just get through the day. So belated Happy Holidays.

Ornaments were the last thing I wanted to take out. You don’t realize how many memories are in them. So I decided it was time again to count my blessings so up went the thankful tree.

My son and I went and got a tree that was not large, just a sweet manageable tree. I made hundreds of hearts and attached a loop of string to each. On each heart we wrote people and things we were thankful for. It was such a satisfying tree to complete and look at. Full of love. It helped me get through the holiday a little easier.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday full of love and happiness. 

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