Monday, March 9, 2015

Butterfly Finger Puppets

Here is a fun and easy craft to make with your kids or friends. 

Supplies you'll need:
One old glove (cut off the fingers)
Fabric glue or white glue will work if you don't want to wash them.
Decorating things like beads, rhinestones, sequins or whatever you have.

1) Cut butterfly shapes  out of your felt. 

Butterfly Finger Puppets 

2) Then before your kids start glue the glove fingers onto the butterfly and let dry.( this way when they are done decorating they can carefully play with them.)

Butterfly Finger Puppets
3) Working with the kids, decorate the butterflies. Have fun.

Butterfly Finger Puppets 


  1. This would have been a good project when I taught school. I always did a unit on butterflies and brought in caterpillars for the kids to watch the change. They loved live science much better than book science. - Margy

  2. This year I'm doing it with the kids I teach it should be fun.


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