Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How to Make a Tee-shirt Quilt

How to Make a Tee-shirt Quilt

The packing up of our shared house has begun. This is a very hard thing to do as there are so many memories in possessions. Which do you keep, which do you disregard? Who gets what? Some things that you can’t let go of you can re-purpose by turning them into a usable item for your future like this quilt my son and I made out of his old tee-shirts.

How to Make a Tee-shirt Quilt

Supplies you’ll need: Tee-shirts, glue sticks, backing (we used a poly/cotton interlock, wash it before using it) and a filling layer (we used a micro fleece) and matching thread.

How to Make a Tee-shirt Quilt

1) You need to cut out a square in what ever size fits most of the designs on your tee-shirts. We used a 12" X 12" square.

2) Decide the size of quilt you want to make by how many tee-shirts you want to use.

3) Lay your tee-shirt squares out and stand back, look at the layout and move your squares around until you get a pleasing design.

How to Make a Tee-Shirt Quilt

4) Stitch your tee-shirt squares together in rows.

5) Then stitch your rows together. Press all seams.

6) Now lay your backing right side down on the floor it should be about four inches longer and wider then your tee-shirt top. Then lay the same size filling layer over your backing layer. Carefully smooth all wrinkles and creases out of the surfaces. (Check the bottom to see if it is smooth.

How to Make a Tee-shirt Quilt

7) Lay your Tee-shirt top over the filling layer face up.

8) Pin all layers together down the middle of the quilt.  Working from that pin line fold your top tee-shirt layer back to expose the filling layer. Then use a glue stick to glue each tee-shirt row to the filling layer smoothing them as you go. Pin along each seam to secure all three layers in place, continue this process until the top of your quilt is secure.

9) Let the glue dry thoroughly.

How to Make a Tee-shirt Quilt

10) Now stitch your quilt together along all the seams and along the edge (remember to remove your pins as you go so that you don’t break your needle on them). I did this by machine but you can also do this by hand.

How to Make a Tee-shirt Quilt

How to Make a Tee-shirt Quilt

11)  Lay your quilt again on the floor.  Now cut your filling layer to one inch from your outer seam line.

12) Now fold your boarder piece over a half inch then in half again to your tee- shirt top just covering the seam and pin in place.

How to Make a Tee-shirt Quilt

13) Finish the corners by folding them into each other. Now stitch your edging down.  

How to enjoy a Tee-shirt Quilt

 You're done. 


  1. What a wonderful memory quilt. Unfortunately, I wear my t-shirts until they get pretty faded, painted, or just worn through. But thrifting would be another way to get some for a reasonable price (minus the memories of course). I know you are going through a difficult time. When I split with my first husband he didn't want much of what we had, so that made it a bit easier. But then came the house itself. No so much. - Margy

    1. Yes it's a sad and hard time. Thanks for thinking of me.


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