Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Weekend in Port Townsend Washington

Port Townsend was founded in 1851. The city is known for its many beautiful Victorian houses and buildings. It is also known for its beautiful location. My pictures do not do it justice because it was a very cold grey weekend. Usually you can see many incredible mountains in the distance. 

 Since it was such a cold weekend we spent a lot of time in different cafes eating and warming up with a pot of tea. There are many nice places to eat in Port Townsend. We had a nice breakfast at  Hudson Point Cafe which is right on the water and not expensive.

I loved that they used maps under glass to add interest to their tables.

The town is not big. It has a population of about nine thousand. 

It is split into two levels with the neighborhoods full of Victorian houses on the top of a large cliff  over looking the town buildings below.

You can feel the history everywhere. 

The town is right on the water.

There are also some very cute shops.

Me with my peeps.

The buildings are well preserved.

We had a short sun break. Everything looks so much better in the sun doesn't it?

All in all it was a very fun weekend.

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