Monday, December 10, 2012

Making of Pine Cone People

The supplies you'll need are:
Pine cones
wooden heads (these can be bought at any hobbies store)
decorative paper
card board (the kind you find on the back of a drawing pad)
very small  pom poms
things for your pine "cone people" to hold
pipe cleaners

1) First cut out a cardboard circle a 1/4" to 1/2" larger then the base of your pine cone. Glue a circle of decorative paper over your cardboard circle with white glue.

                                2) With your hot glue gun, glue pine cones to their bases.

3) To decorate. See above the different stages.
 a) Glue on your wooden heads with hot glue.
b) Wrap your pipe cleaner around the back of your pine cone and secure it with a dot of hot glue.
c) Now put on the loose ends of the pipe cleaners what you'd like them to be holding.
d) To make hats cut out a circle out of your decorate paper an 1/2" bigger then your base circle. Fold in half and cut on fold,  then place glue along the newly cut edge. Then roll in the sides with the point being formed in the center of the cut line. Decorate hat. 
                                                Here's the finished "pine cone people".

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